Sony Walkman takes sound back to the future

Sony Eric Kingdon (2136 x 1424)Music and media giant Sony has produced a high-resolution music player for the twenty-first century – and given it a twentieth-century brand name. The Sony Walkman, a pocket-sized portable cassette player, became a icon of the 1970s. It made music portable, so that it could be enjoyed on the move – a revolution in its day.

The new Walkman looks more like a narrow version of Apple’s i-Pod – slim, light and discreet. Its revolutionary quality is Hi-Res sound – an immersive experience that separates each element of the music and seems to weave and braid it through your head to create an emotional journey. Lovers of old vinyl records may recognise this sensation, which seems to put back the warmth and depth that is often missing from regular digital recordings.

Sony’s Eric Kingdon (pictured above) is a self-confessed vinyl man and sound buff, and old enough to remember the original Walkman. He says the new gadget from Sony has fans amongst the older generation. But it is teenagers who really notice the difference from a standard mp3 player. ” I’ve been in Tokyo and at an electronics fair in Germany and young people come up to the stand and think they’ll just have a quick listen – but the sound is so rich that they stay for longer and really listen. You can see it on their faces – it’s a new experience for them” he says. Eric explains here how the new sound is achieved:

Sony-Walkman-cassette player

Sony Walkman cassette player

Sony Walkman (2136 x 1424)

The new HiRes Sony Walkman

The Walkman can be used with standard headphones but the manufacturer recommends special HiRes products – made both by Sony and by other companies, always displaying the HiRes logo. For the best sound quality it should be used on specially-created music tracks – but will give an enhanced quality to all music files.

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Let’s get funding…

Trainer Gary Parker

Trainer Gary Parker

A musician, a publisher and a producer have joined Angel Media’s new training course to learn the secrets of bidding for funding. Expert Gary Parker of CNT Associates is the trainer. Gary has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for clients from the Big Lottery, Arts Council and other sources in the voluntary sector, arts and community media. So the course includes case studies showing how to write winning bids – and to build in sustainable development so that the project does not collapse as soon as the grant runs out.

The trainees on the one-day course at the Thames Innovation Centre in Erith found it well worthwhile:

“Really informative course on fundraising from an obvious expert and insider. Felt like I could use the info to find success in my next arts funding bids. Clear delivery and tons of info – I recommend it!”    Devaki Thomas, musician

“Great course. Gary brings a dry subject to life, navigates you through the mass of information out there and rounds off with the tools needed to create the perfect bid. the course is clear and insightful. i thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to those who have a bid to write – or would like to have the world of fundraising demystified.” Mina Patria, publisher

“With the practical exercises and clear explanations, this course gave me the confidence to approach funding bodies and get my creative projects off the ground” Jane Whyatt, producer

Lessons learned

One example of ‘how not to do it’ is Bexley Community Media, a local online radio station funded for three years by a grant from the European Social Fund. During the three years the group ran a popular radio station and trained dozens of volunteers. But they failed to build new revenue streams, went offline and closed down as soon as the original grant was spent. Another pitfall is that many organisations do not check in advance whether or not they meet the eligibility criteria. Surprisingly, almost three quarters of all applications come from groups that are not properly constituted or do not have the correct paperwork and policies. According to Gary Parker, almost all applications from eligible bodies succeed.

Jargon buster

A tricky part of the course is the jargon-busting quiz, in which trainees have just five minutes to answer twenty questions defining the strange, specialist terms that funding bodies use. Equally challenging is the task of finding the best funder for your project from the thousands of local, national and regional government, EU, City Livery Companies and charitable trusts. Perhaps you might be better off starting a crowdfunding campaign, getting fans and wellwishers to pre-order tickets, products or service – or offering them prizes in return for investment…? Gary’s takeaway pack has all the info you need.


For creative people who are not used to handling accounts, presenting evidence and creating market research surveys, this course is invaluable. As Parker says “Great projects don’t win funds. It’s great bids that succeed.” And to ensure that the training does not go to waste, he is running a follow-up session in early 2015 to put the theory into practice.





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Nick Bright stars in our BBC Radio 1 and 1-Xtra documentary


British Inside with Nick Bright (400 x 225)Angel Media Productions CIC’s first -ever employee is now the presenter of our documentary, made for BBC Radio 1 and repeated on 1-Xtra. The music-based show called ‘British Inside’ reveals new insights into the UK’s immigration removal centres. It shows how ex-offenders who are detained because of their questionable immigration status can turn their lives around through an innovative music project run by Maz Graef and Lol Gellor of RadioActive. Lol and Max help the inmates to make music in different genres from rap to Bollywood, with lyrics that can be angry, witty or sad.

One Colnbrook detainee, Fituari, won a Platinum Award in the 2013 Koestler Awards for music produced behind bars.  The track is called ‘Ring a ding’ and two other tracks made in colnbrook were highly commended at the Koestlers.


Nick Bright has come a long way since he had a temporary job as a student mentor on Angel Media’s ‘DJ for a Day’ school holiday training course in Bromley, Kent. Now the regular weekend breakfast presenter on 1-Xtra, Nick’s been on a journey of discovery to find out the truth about immigration. Inside the most notorious, high-security removal centre Colnbrook near Heathrow airport he found the conditions similar to a prison.


I’ve seen people eating blades, running around with no clothes on and covering themselves with their own wastes” says Ross, interviewed in the documentary. And the home Office’s own website shows – in answer to a Freedom of Information request – that in Colnbrook alone there were 262 incidents of self harm in one three month period. that’s in a centre with 308 inmates.

British Inside

Against this backdrop of desperation, the music project offers a creative activity for young men who have served their sentences in the prison system  yet are still locked up. They do not know how long it might take before they are wither granted leave to remain in the UK or deported to their country of origin. Many of the detainees came to Britain as very young children or babies and have little connection with their birth nation. Some were born in places where it is too dangerous for them to return – like Freeze from Canning Town in East London, whose parents came from the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo. He went to primary and secondary school in London and is one of hundreds of detainees who think of themselves as ‘British Inside’.

The documentary includes quotes from  the party conference speech by Home Secretary Teresa May who is tightening the rules about foreign criminals being allowed to stay in the UK after then end of their sentences. The new Immigration Bill also makes it an offence for a landlord to offer rooms to a non-British person without checking his or her immigration status. Lawyer Carita Williams tells the documentary makers “They want to turn us all into immigration officers” .

‘British Inside’ is produced by Sue Bowerman and has been  entered for an ‘in the dark’ radio documentary award at the Sheffield Documentary Festival.


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Welcome to The Immigrant

GASAK rainbow nation

‘Rainbow Nation’ mural in Vilnius, Lithuania by South African street artist Gasak

As the UK’s new immigration regulations come into force, Angel Media Productions CIC is preparing to launch its latest venture – an online magazine called The Immigrant celebrating the contribution of migrants to Britain’s business, culture and way of life.

Invented by company director and former BBC journalist Urbi Basu – an Indian national living in London – The Immigrant will tackle difficult issues around migration as well as showcasing the best music, food, dance, literature, arts, science and technology from around the world.


Urbi Basu, director of Angel Media Productions CIC and inventor of the Immigrant

Temporary visitors, native Brits and third or fourth generation immigrants – all are welcome in the pages of The Immigrant, whether they are billionaire business leaders, students, cleaners and casual farm labourers. Anyone can air their views, providing they are expressed respectfully. Founder Urbi Basu says:

“We are already getting a good response for the idea of this new e-zine in our surveys. And most people say they would be prepared to pay for this innovative new publication.”

Market research surveys have proved there is strong interest in the new e-zine, which will appear monthly on this website. Subscribers can try one issue for free before signing up to a regular download, and Angel Media Productions CIC is crowd-funding to cover the costs of the launch edition.

Ghanaian broadcaster Sonny Decker, who presents Talking Africa on London’s leading community radio station Resonance 104.4FM, comments:

“It is time that we had a serious debate about immigration issues – the good, the bad and the ugly. Too many mainstream media stories reduce the whole thing to sensationalist headlines. This new venture will open up the debate.”

Advertisers and sponsors can take advantage of discounted prices in the launch edition of The Immigrant to reach a wide range of niche markets across the diaspora that are traditionally hard to reach. For more information contact


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We’re backing a winner

Angel Media Productions CIC's bookkeeper and accountant is Book-keeper of the Year 2013

Angel Media Productions CIC’s bookkeeper and accountant is Book-keeper of the Year

Angel Media Productions CIC has backed another winner – choosing Liz Needham as our book-keeper and accountant. Liz has been voted Book-Keeper of the Year by BKN, the Book-keepers Network. This is how she describes her company:

Needham Accountancy Limited is a small business set up in 2008 following Liz Needham being made redundant.  It is run specifically to help other small businesses. We offer bookkeeping, payroll, self assessment and limited company accounts to a wide range of clients from plumbers to tattoo artists to film production companies.” 

The philosophy behind Needham Accountancy, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, is that small businesses need a simple approach with jargon-free paperwork. This has proved a winning formula as the company won the most votes in this year’s BKN book-keeping Awards. With a small team and a wide range of clients in the media and film businesses, Liz Needham tries to make her own company a role model for other SMEs.


Needham Accountancy voted Book-keeper of the Year, winning this trophy

As well as being a great book-keeper and successful businesswoman, Liz Needham is also a  fully qualified accountant and all-round wonderful human being. She has cared for her friend’s teenage son since his mother died of cancer, and she is a dog-lover specialising in the pedigree Japanese Akita breed – the domestic animal that’s genetically closest to the wolf. As a campaigner Liz Needham works tirelessly on behalf of the Liberal Democrats and supports the rights of motorcyclists. You might also spot her on TV or in Hollywood movies since she works as an extra with an acting agency.


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Now it’s over to you…

 Join the Myradio summer camp to create your own Internet radio channel on your smartphone or blog…


Have fun making new friends and uploading your own shows and mixtapes to your online radio station

Play your music, get voice coaching, enjoy interviewing, editing and mixing radio shows with ex-BBC, CRB-checked professional tutors in a broadcast-quality studio at Blackheath in South East London at BHSG, Vanbrugh Park, London SE3 7AG.

Who should attend? The summer camp course is open to boys and girls aged 11-18. You do not need to have experience in radio or music-mixing as full training is given.

How much does it cost? The full course is £200.00 for Monday to Friday 29th July to 2nd August 9.30am-4.30pm. Extra time is £50.00 8am-9.30am and 4.30pm-6pm. Single days £50.00 each.

Contact radio tutor Jane Whyatt on 0207 100 1389 or  07538 080815 or email  Pay by secure electronic bank transfer or cheque.


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Margaret Thatcher – divisive to the bitter end

20130413_202832_1Former British Prime Minister Baroness (Margaret) Thatcher drew crowds to London’s Trafalgar Square again even after her death. Protesters packed the square and erected a huge effigy of the former PM fashioned from blue material with a sharply pointed face in the style of cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. Her hair is made from Sainsbury’s carrier bags and the whole sculpture eerily lit by a spotlight. The central London square was the scene of demonstrations against her Conservative policies throughout the 1980s, when the poll tax, privatisation of public services,the Falklands War and the miners’ strike divided Britain. ‘Thatcherism’ pitched workers, students and unemployed people against her wealthy backers who got-rich-quick when she sold off national assets to private firms. She famously claimed ‘there is no such thing as society’, and her cult of the individual caused social rifts that never healed.

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We’re on the radio…

Angel Media Productions CIC produces two weekly radio shows. You can listen on FM in London, or online anywhere in the world. The show is called PassWord with Peter Warren. It is a talk radio programme that explores the cyber security crisis, reviews the latest digital arts installations, discusses what’s trending in social media and previews new gadgets and apps that are about to be launched.

Presenter Peter Warren is an award-winning investigative journalist who writes in the Sunday Times, Guardian, Independent and New Statesman. The show is produced by Angel Media’s Jane Whyatt with help from Urbi Basu, Stephen McGrath and Michelle Woodward. It airs on Resonance 104.4FM in London, UK, on Sundays 1530 GMT and you can listen online at

PassWord with Peter Warren is also available on Radio Castle at Framlingham, Suffolk, UK where you can listen live at on Mondays at 1100 GMT. Or catch the podcast at To take part in the show, or suggest a digital arts project or app that we could review, please contact

Remember: PassWord – it’s all you need to know!



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What’s new in mobile phones? We’re in Barcelona to find out about new apps and future trends

Mobile World Congress

To glimpse the future you don’t need a time machine. You can just catch a train on the new line from central Barcelona to the Fira Gran Via, home of the annual Mobile World Congress. That’s where the big networks (all except Apple) showcase their new applications, touchscreens, no-touch screens, Cloud phones and so on. Many of them have BACs – Baffling Acronyms and Catchphrases – but Angel Media’s technology guru Peter Warren and reporter Jane Whyatt are here to make sense of it all. Hear them on PassWord with Peter Warren show PassWord – it’s all you need to know.

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Jazz musician Jimmy Beckley goes back to his Ghana roots

Jazz musician Jimmy Beckley plans a trip to Ghana to introduce young London musicians to African music and culture. It’s the first step in his plan to start a music school that will cater to talented, underprivileged young Ghanaians and offer a place for musicians from around the world to come together and explore all aspects of Ghanaian culture.

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